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Woodshed is a transmedia story-world, set in an alternative version of NYC, circa 2003. Combining a heroic dose of magical realism, with a touch of Marxist sci-fi, experience the narrative across literary fiction, animation, and tabletop games as Jonny & the gang keep a stoned smile through the trials and tribulations of working life.

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Woodshed, Book I: T-Minus

Available for pre-order: May 18th

T-Minus is the first book in Woodshed's novella series, written and illustrated by Ollymandias.

Fresh home from the stinkin’ clink-clink, Jonny Vulcain picks up the pieces of a life torn by tragedy. With his girlfriend forty million miles away, and best friend six feet under, Jonny finds solace in balancing guitar practice with recreational substance abuse. Fighting against his fragile grip on reality, the first day at a new job ignites a psychedelic excursion that's sure to test the bounds of his fractured psyche.

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'The Band'

Release date: May 25th, 2022

The first episode in Woodshed's series of animated shorts, join Jonny in non-ordinary reality, while he jams out with his musical delusions and love-struck day dreams.

Written & Animated by Ollymandias

Starring the Voices of M.A.B. & Tim Hova

Music by Ollymandias & Jesse Jake

'Happy Place'

Release date: June 8th, 2022

Dropping in on the Small Hours talk show, Sherm the Germ maneuvers the snow-fueled rage of his tyrannical boss, and disassociates in anticipation of a free apartment.

Written by Ollymandias & Simeon Day

Animated by Ollymandias

Starring the Voices of Ollymandias & Simeon Day

Music by Ollymandias

'Booster Packs'

Release date: June 22nd, 2022

Indulging in a lazy-afternoon game of cards, the stakes get high for Jonny & Sherm when they find themselves in the supernatural bayous of Apocalaya.

Written by Ollymandias

Animated by Mason O'Brien & Ollymandias

Starring the Voices of M.A.B. & Simeon Day

Music by Ollymandias

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