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The debut album from Jesse Jake, Ollymandias & the Kota Dosa Collective. This full-length project was recorded over several years, across New York, London & New Orleans. Bending the bounds of genre, Howlin' at the Moon combines psychedelic blues with gypsy jazz, grunge, hip-hop & more. Featuring a flair for theatricality, Kota Dosa weave a musical narrative across ten tracks that showcase the same underground energy that the Collective's live performances are known for.

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Following the phases of the moon, Kota Dosa will be releasing three double singles in the run up to dropping the full album on June 14th. Check out the release schedule below and sign up to our mailing list for all updates about the project.

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Full Moon, April 16th

Full Moon, May 15th

New Moon, May 30th

Release I

Release II

Release III

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Full Moon,

June 14th.

The Album


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