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Olly Frostie is an illustrator, musician & storyteller from North London. Leader of the KOTA DOSA collective, Frostie works largely in the mediums of animation, audio production & lyricism. 

His home-brewed brand of modern folk art combines comic book stylings with a backdrop of psychedelia. As a director & visual artist, Frostie's list of collaborations includes Run the Jewels, MF DOOM, Made Kuti, Robbie Williams & many more. 

Frostie's debut solo project 'Eleven 4' is available to stream everywhere. 

AKA: Ollymandias, the Spider King.

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VILLANOVA, the second music video from psychedelic-grime EP 'Eleven 4'. Filmed across Texas forests, Louisiana swamps, a dungeon, a cemetery & a London pub. Filmed by Chaire Louise, directed & edited by Olly Frostie.

Late night thoughts from the Spider King. Inspired by Chip, featuring Jesse Jake on lead. Produced & performed by Frostie at Hope Villa Studios. Lyrics in video description.

Free Your Mind, the debut single from Made Kuti, the grand-son of legendary Fela Kuti. Directed & animated by Frostie.

Ooh La La by Run the Jewels & Mexican Institute of Sound featuring Santa Fe Klan. Directed & animated by Frostie.

Meathead, from Bishop Nehru & MF DOOM. A supervillain-sized battle for New York City. Directed & Animated by Frostie.

Unwind by OthaSoul, a psychedelic journey through nature, space & music. Directed & animated by Frostie.

Chattanooga Vendetta by YGTUT, the street brawl beat-em-up inspired by arcade fighters. Directed & animated by Frostie.

Mosman freestyle, performed live in Brooklyn by Frostie. Part of Jesse Jake's 'Midnight Mitote' tour.


Eleven 4, the debut project from Spider King, Olly Frostie. A six track psychedelic-grime EP, self produced & recorded at Hope Villa Studios. Combining London rap flows with distorted guitars & hard knocking drums, Frostie brings together his widely varied musical influences. Covering topics from fist fights to relationships, it tells a story of working life.

Dickies Imported: The Video Game.


Traffic through the purple city as one of four original characters. Frostie, Topcat, JatzDakid & Zeus Blanco unlock as you navigate across an ever updating London cityscape. Each character is distinguished from the next, by the handling of their whips & by the music they’re listening to.


Featuring a huge soundtrack that includes music from Olly Frostie, Octavian, JatzDakid, Zeus Blanco, Splash Gordan, One 99 + more.


Artwork, design, and development by Olly Frostie.

Original recording of Frostie's infamous Mosman freestyle, inspired by the villain of cult-classic, Countryman.

Falling, written by John Frusciante, performed by Frostie & Jesse Jake. Recorded live to cassette, forwards & backwards.